Why do so many marketers
think and act like all consumers
were created equal?

Influencers tell everyone where to shop, what to buy and what to do.

Adidas was struggling to bring
their Energy Running positioning
to life, so we created a custom
run that took Running Influencers
above, below and inside NYC.

For Brooks, we created a whole
series of Influencer kits, starting with
the launch of the new Drift, which we
mailed inside a six-pound chocolate egg.

We introduced the new
Brooks Transcend in a space pod
with a built-in video player mailed
back in time from the year
2064 – yes, the future…

We launched the new PureProject
line in a custom kit, whose every
element underscored the line’s
commitment to minimalism.

Company size is irrelevant,
so for Salt & Straw’s new Venice Beach
store, we created an Ice Cream Social
In A Bucket to introduce themselves to
their new neighbors.

We use Influencer Marketing
in our own outreach – that’s why we
created the TGS Crimson Star Medallion
to acknowledge marketers we admired.

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