A brewer and two buddies
walk into an ad agency…

Sounds like the setup for a bad joke, right?

They had no money,
but they had this guy…

This is Josh Pfriem. We fell in love with his vision, his values and
his ambition to make the best beer in the world from his beloved
home of Hood River, Oregon. We took the job on the spot and set
out to build a beer brand from scratch.

We immediately
noticed two things…

But it wasn’t always this way – historically, brewers 

used to sign their products with their family name. 

It was their personal guarantee of quality.

We tried a million different
names for the brewery,
but we always came back
to our favorite…

Once we had the name
we applied it far and wide…

Brand Identity
Unified Mark
3 Tier Label System
Tap Handles
Custom pFriem tap handles
Close-up of pFriem tap handles

Four years in…

pFriem has been
a smash hit.

They’ve won a slew of awards, they were names 2016 Oregon
Brewery of the Year and they are three years ahead of their
growth goals. They’re brewing 10,000 barrels a year with over
60 employees. Most satisfying to us is to have had a hand in
helping Josh realize his lifelong dream.

“I’m always amazed at how stupid/brilliant will travel to
the outer edges of a spectrum in order to make sure all ideas were
explored and the greatest idea was not missed.”

-Josh Pfriem, Founder & Master Brewer, pFriem Family Brewers

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