How do you turn the
old family wagon into
a sleek, luxury roadster?

For three generations,
Satori made commodity
cheese, but Jim Sartori
wanted to make Craft
Cheese, not Kraft cheese.

To go from Mass to Class
(the hardest thing to do in business)
we needed to tear the house down
to the studs. Three things immediately
jumped out at us…

We started by designing
a new brand identity that felt
more artisanal and told
a deeper story…

Crest Logo

We then designed a packaging
system for three new Retail lines
and a broad array of marketing

Classic Line Packaging
Reserve Line Packaging
Limited Edition Packaging
Reserve Labels

All that transformation
had real impact on
the bottom line:

Sartori has more than doubled the size of their business in
the 4+ years we’ve been working together. Their cheese is
now sold in 33 countries around the world and they continue
to fill their trophy case with award show hardware!

“This is the third time I’ve worked with
The Great Society and it’s always the same result:
they’ve made each of my brands a ton of money.”

-Chad Vincent, Chief Marketing Officer, Sartori Cheese

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