How do you go toe-to-toe
with Goliaths like Nike, adidas
and Under Armour with a fraction
of their resources… and win?

You do it with conviction and
courage, but mostly you do it with
a Challenger Positioning that is
completely different, taps a nerve
in running culture and is steeped
on one undeniable universal truth…

People run because it
makes them happy.

We developed an entire POV –
one big enough to grow a brand
from $100 to $600 million in
under a decade – and we called
our worldview…

We introduced Run Happy in the
“Superfans” campaign that celebrated
the lengths Brooks goes to support
runners and to celebrate the
power of running.


Print Ads
Internal Events

Social Media is a natural
habitat for fans of all stripes,
so we created faux accounts…

Faux Social Media

The campaign was an
immediate hit.

The brand grew 36% the year we introduced Superfans.
Without any paid support, the web videos earned more than
4 million total views. Runners everywhere started using
catchphrases from the campaign. Perhaps most importantly,
it helped transform the culture at Brooks and began to
establish the brand as an industry Thought Leader.

“This campaign put our brand on the map. It helped us evolve from
a me-too, transactional company to an inspirational, larger than life
brand that stood for something that mattered to runners.”

-Dave Larson, Global CMO, Brooks Running

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